Below is a list of the 2019 demands that have been sent into Berlitz Management.

If you have any questions about the demands, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2019 Shunto demands

  1. To have the pay freeze of 2018 removed and back paid, and re-start pay increases especially with the   increase in cost of living with the new taxes put into effect.

  2. eCFF transparency and how the system is used. The company will provide transparency regarding the eCFF system.  Begunto demands a clear explanation of company policy on how the system is being used to evaluate teachers, including specific details on numbers of satisfied or somewhat dissatisfied responses; and the consequences of such results for the instructor; in terms of dis-requests, warnings, threatening letters re instructor performance, the offering of 6mth contracts, and any other action which is detrimental to instructors.   The union demands a printout be provided to instructors upon request (by the instructor) detailing customers who utilized the system to rate instructors in order to ensure accurate and fair use of the system.

  3. The stoppage of eCFF use for instructor assessment.  eCFF will not be used for determining bonuses. eCFF will not be used for generating or soliciting dis-requests of teachers. eCFF will not be used for determining whether an instructor has their contract renewed or is able to transfer to another LC.

  4. The use of IPE as a means for contract renewal. They are 2 separate issues and should not be used as one.

  5. The 10-day Golden Week should be applied according to the published Japanese holiday schedule. Bridge holidays were previously observed, such as Silver Week of 2015. Furthermore, most Japanese companies are honoring these days - just as the government has asked them to do. Begunto demands the company follow past precedent in recognizing bridge holidays. April 30 and May 2, 2019 are recognized as public holidays in order to provide all employees the so called '10-day Golden Week holiday'. “In addition, all school children will be off school over this period. For all employees, instructors, councilors, as well as those at HQ with children, being required to work on these two days will impact upon their families significantly.”

  6. The company to honor the conversion into an unlimited (permanent) contract, instead of the yearly limited contract, after completing 5 consecutive contract renewals. Renewal is AUTOMATIC and is not dependent on eCFF or other metrics. The company provide immediate recognition of permanent employment status in writing when employees submit a request for permanent employment status.

    Additional Demands

  7. Benesse and Berlitz to inform the Union its actual financial situation, all expenditures, assets and liabilities and to provide an explanation of spending.

  8. Provide all employees a base up pay rise of 5%. Consisting of a 2% increase for inflation, 2% increase for the upcoming tax raise, and 1% for company performance improvements as noted in the February 25th memo.

  9. Increase the number of pay scales for all contracts available.

  10. Berlitz give 3 personal leave days to all employees. Employees have the right to attend to family and personal needs that are not necessarily sick days.

  11. Berlitz give instructors 10 paid sick days. The same as employees in Headquarters.

  12. All employees should be given a bi-yearly bonus based on performance. This is commonplace in companies in Japan.

  13. The CTL policy be extended to all employees, including employees on the 50/60 FTI contract.

  14. Re-implement bi-yearly optional employee growth parties for instructors and optional, their families.