BEGUNTO is made up of instructors just like you, striving to improve our work environment. Become part of the union and help us make Berlitz a better place to work.


In June 2019, after debate and an official vote, Begunto left Nambu and joined Tozen Union.

Berlitz General Union Tokyo was established on June 30. 1995 by non-English language teachers. Those founding members envisioned BEGUNTO to be a way for employees of Berlitz to work together to have a voice in shaping the future of the company.

Since BEGUNTO’s founding, we have become an affiliate of, and operate under, The National Union of General Workers Tokyo (NAMBU). This affiliation has helped add validity to our demands during Collective Bargaining and Shunto with Berlitz Management. It’s during these meetings that we discuss current issues, issue demands, and shape those demands through negotiation into law-binding policies. You can learn more about our achievements here.

We have grown over the years, but our focus has never changed. We still work everyday to ensure our members have a fair work environment so they can focus on their jobs. And while we hope that each action we take benefits everyone at Berlitz, we can really only guarantee changes for our members.

BEGUNTO welcomes all Berlitz employees in our region to apply. We hope to see you at our next union meeting!

What We've Achieved

Our Vision

We envisage the creation of a positive working environment where teachers are respected & valued, where our contribution to the company’s performance is recognized & rewarded, and where we are compensated appropriately.

We consider a positive working relationship with management to be essential in helping the company move forward with enhancements to the performance & competitiveness of Berlitz and securing the company’s position in the market place, thereby, providing better job security, improving working conditions & increasing remuneration for ALL employees.


We believe that teachers have the right to work with confidence…

…the confidence that their working conditions will not be degraded

…the confidence that they will not be bullied or treated unfairly by their MI or management

…the confidence that they will be equipped with the teaching materials necessary to perform their job competently

…the confidence that their efforts and work will be appreciated, recognized and rewarded by the company

We believe that the teachers voice IS just as important as the customers voice.

We believe that it IS possible for the company to be profitable AND at the same time provide all staff fair and adequate remuneration and a suitable work environment.

We believe that it IS possible for management and the union to sit across the table from each other and bargain in good faith, to discuss issues of importance to both parties in an open-minded and reasonable way.

We believe that operating on democratic principles and eschewing discrimination is of utmost importance & makes our union strong and enduring.

We believe that we will achieve our goals.


Our goal is “to protect and improve working conditions and to raise the economic status of our members, utilizing cooperative participation and mutual trust.”

We believe it so much…we put it in our Constitution (Begunto Constitution, Chapter 1, Article 3)

This means we are working to:

  • Protect members from unfair treatment at the hands of the Company.

  • Negotiate collective agreements with management for the maintenance and betterment of working conditions and improvement of compensation.

  • Make a valuable contribution to corporate competitiveness and work towards industrial peace.

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